Panthera & You

Here at Panthera HQ, we take your hand protection as seriously as you do.

Tattooing practices change as new products, techniques and styles are introduced and adopted by Tattooists and Body Artists. Panthera continues to be developed and tested to ensure that as modern tattooing methods change, Panthera tattoo gloves remain your first choice in barrier protection.

Protection against Viruses:

You need to be sure that you’re protected against blood borne viruses and other diseases through contact with bodily fluids. 

There’s a test that tattoo gloves can be subjected to, the results of which tell us whether the barrier performance of the glove is able to prevent viruses from getting through the glove material, making contact with your skin.

The test has been completed and, as you would expect from Panthera tattoo gloves, the glove passed proving that by using Panthera you are greatly reducing the likelihood of contact with viruses.

Whilst we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that there is no risk of contact with viruses whilst using Panthera, passing this test means that you can be confident that the risk to you the tattooist is significantly reduced.



Clean Ink – Tattoo Studio protection in 60 seconds:

Maintaining a clean tattoo studio, work space and equipment isn’t just good for you and your client, it’s essential to the continued success of your business!

Clean Ink is a revolutionary new cleaning product that kills all known viruses in just 60 seconds. We’re sure that if you’re not already using the Clean Ink range of cleaning products in your studio – you will be soon.

We all know that it’s a good idea to wear gloves when cleaning your work surfaces and equipment and have tested2 Panthera to ensure that your hands remain protected after you’ve cleaned with Clean Ink.

The results show that even after an hours contact with Clean Ink, the glove still provides barrier protection.

No other disposable tattooists glove has been independently laboratory tested for use with the Clean Ink range of cleaning solutions.

Click here for more information on the Clean Ink product range.




Even more tests…

The Panthera tattoo gloves have passed that many tests that if it was in school, it would be the classmate you’d ask to help you with your homework!



Ultra Violet Protection:

If you’re lucky enough to work in a place where the sun comes out for more than a few weeks every year, you’ll be pleased to know that Panthera has a UVP rating3 of 50+, helping to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Touch screen friendly:

There’s no official test for touch screen compatibility but we can assure you that Panthera works with all touch screen compatible devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops!        


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The technical stuff:

1 - Viral permeation testing is carried out to test ASTM F1671-07.
2 - Degradation of barrier protection is tested using EN 374-4:2013. Strength is tested using EN 455-2: 2009 + A2: 2013.
3 - Ultraviolet Protection test is carried out in accordance with EN 13758-1:20020

All tests have been carried out in the UK by independent, EU approved, test laboratory – SATRA UK Ltd.

Clean Ink is a registered trademark of Clean Ink Limited